Another strategic venture that enhances Agróptimum as a more complete group is our ground transportation and goods storage company, Agróptimum Logistics.

It complements our core business, the commercialization of pistachio plants, perfectly. These goods require specific transportation features, especially temperature control, and demand careful handling and storage.

This experience has enriched our understanding of each type of merchandise, prompting us to extend our services beyond agricultural transport, an arena we are well-versed in.

An Efficient Network for National and International Goods Transportation

The hallmark of our service is meticulous and efficient planning, encompassing both the collection and delivery of goods, with a customer-centric approach. Punctuality and safety are our priority objectives. This commitment ensures an effective service that has enabled us to grow steadily and securely, handling over 1,500 full loads per month.

Consequently, the number of routes has also increased.

With our highly experienced and professional team, we transport goods throughout Spain, the Balearic Islands, as well as Portugal, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, and Germany.

To manage incidents in real-time 24/7, we've implemented a GPS tracking system covering the increased distances and expanded routes. This capability allows us to keep clients always informed.

Sustainability as the Preferred Destination

Our fleet comprises approximately 80 vehicles, including a diverse range of semi-trailers, tautliners, and height-adjustable and lightweight coil carriers.

This fleet versatility enables us to meet the needs of all our clients and motivates us to be stringent in reducing our carbon footprint. That's why we've renewed half of the fleet, around 40 vehicles, without compromising performance.

These vehicles run on LNG-CNG gas and comply with Euro V and Euro VI standards, drastically reducing NOx emissions from 2g/KWh to 0.4g/KWh. It exemplifies our commitment to environmental preservation.

Experience as the Foundation of our Future

Agróptimum Logistics emerged from acquiring stakes in Primotrans, a company with over 30 years of industry experience. Their knowledge has been a cornerstone supporting the subsequent growth of Agróptimum Logistics.

We uphold quality principles while adapting and enhancing goods transportation services to meet evolving market needs. This adaptability has driven us to establish a logistics base covering over 35,000 m2 for dry storage, parking, workshops, and an ambitious ongoing project to develop refrigerated chambers.

A sustainable investment for society, the environment and the economy.