With a wealth of experience and profound expertise in the domain of woody crops, especially pistachios, we stand as unequivocal leaders in the sector.

Our footprint extends over 4,500 hectares of cultivation across Spain, powered by a state-of-the-art production system. Complementing our internal proficiency, we foster collaboration with our biotechnological partner—an esteemed entity in the North American industry, a region commanding about 65% of the world's pistachio production. Situated in Villanueva de la Jara, Cuenca, our experimental hub serves as a dynamic space for hands-on experimentation and research. This endeavor, conducted by our team of expert agricultural advisors, enables us to distill insights and provide optimal recommendations to our valued clients.

Data and Information Control

The key of our approach lies in the meticulous collection of indispensable data that unveils the crop's requirements. Acknowledging trees as dynamic entities susceptible to constant shifts, monitoring them necessitates specialized tools and knowledge. Our Research and Development (R&D) department continuously explores avenues for automating data collection and streamlining centralized management.

Ultimately, our goal is to swiftly respond to perpetual variations, ensuring the uniform development and growth of trees—a factor directly influencing profitability. Maximizing profitability mandates strategic investments in control systems, skillfully directed by our adept experts. The right blend of technical agricultural guidance distinguishes between a plantation subject to chance anda modern one, meticulously controlling every parameter.

Strategic Plans to Enhance Profitability

Our team of agronomic engineers and biologists interprets collected data, such as soil, water, and foliar analyses, among other indicators. This crucial information helps customize the management of each crop.

We offer solutions that include the development and design of specific plans and programs: from fertilization and plant nutrition supplementation to phytosanitary treatments, doses, safety intervals, and mixtures of active substances.

We always do this while adhering to the strictest sustainability parameters, one of Agróptimum's commitments. We also schedule irrigation and water allocations needed for each crop, considering its stage in the cycle and weather conditions. Naturally, we provide our clients with constant technical assistance to address any queries that may arise.

Agricultural Sector in Constant Progression

The pistachio cultivation landscape is experiencing unprecedented growth, with promising prospects on the horizon. As trailblazers in supplying pistachio seeds and plants in Spain, we've been privileged witnesses to this rapid ascent.

At Agróptimum, we take pride in delivering a comprehensive, high-quality agricultural management service, contributing to the sector's continual expansion. Our multidisciplinary team, driven by a robust business philosophy, consistently strives for excellence. Our overarching objective is to play a pivotal role in the success of every agricultural project, ensuring both maximum profitability and sustainability.

A sustainable investment for society, the environment and the economy.