In just 5 years, we've proudly become the largest supplier of high-quality pistachio seeds and plants in Spain.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in every step of our process, starting with the meticulous selection of seeds. We exclusively use the UCB#1, a variety certified by the University of Davis in California and distribute it worldwide. This exceptional seed results from the crossbreeding of two species, renowned for their quick production turnaround and abundant harvests—often in half the time.Notably, the UCB#1 stands out as the most resilient seed, demonstrating resistance to salinity, diseases, drought, and cold. What sets it apart even more is its ability to ensure uniformity and stability throughout the germination and growth phases, whether it's the rootstock pistachio plant or the grafted pistachio plant. This commitment to quality and innovation underscores our dedication to providing the best pistachio plants for your needs.

Embracing Innovation for Unmatched Quality

At the heart of our pistachio nurseries lies a perfect blend of meticulous manual care and cutting-edge technology. Spread across a vast expanse of over 75,000 square meters our modern and efficient infrastructure, both covered and open, ensures a continuous year-round production of plants. This not only caters to the diverse needs of our customers but also maintains a meticulously controlled environment with adaptable indicators, fostering the optimal development of each plant.

We keep a watchful eye on both plant constants and environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and nutrition, conducting a thorough follow-up of their growth and lignification processes.

This infrastructure is designed with sustainability in mind, incorporating some of the most advanced innovative techniques. Our goal is clear to enhance efficiency, optimize resources, and boost productivity and profitability. For instance, we've minimized pistachio plant exposure to soil pathogens and nematodes, ensuring a robust defence mechanism.

Additionally, we've established a pivotal root system, vital for the resilience of pistachio trees in challenging field conditions.

All the techniques we employ are executed and overseen by seasoned experts. Their wealth of experience is particularly invaluable during critical processes like grafting, ensuring the pistachio plant not only sustains its productivity but also guarantees homogeneity, an essential factor in safeguarding profitability.

Crafting the Ideal Pistachio Plant

While the successful sale of over a million plants and seeds to fellow producers is a testament to our accomplishments, we recognize the ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Through collaborative efforts with esteemed research institutions such as the University of Córdoba and our biotechnological partner, ACEMI, Inc. – a leading pistachio plant producer in the United States – we have embarked on several strategic initiatives. These endeavours aim to enhance the resilience of our pistachio plants, enabling them to thrive in diverse soil conditions and meet the varying demands of different climates.

One noteworthy initiative involves a comprehensive genetic exploration, aspiring to create the ultimate pistachio plant derived from the UCB#1 seed. Our goal is to cultivate a plant that not only maximizes profitability but also boasts unparalleled organoleptic characteristics. Naturally, we envision a pistachio plant that aligns with sustainability principles, allowing for the optimal utilization of natural resources.