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Proyecto 101074540 — LIFE21 ENV ES Life AIs 1 Project 101074540 - LIFE21-ENV-EN-ES-Life-AIs

The Life-AIs consortium has received support from the European Union’s prestigious LIFE environmental programme ( This consortium brings together two leading technology providers, Fede -project leader- and Agerpix, together with three major producers: Castillo de Canena, Dominio Fournier and Ágroptimum. Coordinator: Partners: Funded by: Objectives In the Life-AIs project, Fede joins forces with Agerpix, a

Pelado y secado del pistacho

Pistachio peeling and processing

The pistachio is highly appreciated for its flavour, its enormous nutritional value and its versatility in the culinary and cosmetic sector. However, for this fruit to reach the industry or the final consumer in optimum conditions, it is necessary to undergo a process that guarantees the quality of the product and its preservation. Pistachio peeling

gróptimum UCB1 un portainjerto de pistacho de rendimiento superior

In general, pistachio is a crop tolerant to drought and soil salinity. However, irrigation and other factors can increase the yield of the pistachio tree or the quality of the fruit. In addition, there are varieties that may be more drought tolerant, but less cold tolerant; or tolerant to certain diseases, but more susceptible to

Mercado de pistacho

Pistachio market

The pistachio is the second most consumed nut in the world. The main reason for this is the range of benefits it brings to the human body. In addition, its multiple applications in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors are excellent opportunities for pistachio demand to experience accelerated growth. In this post we present key

Desarrollo del pistacho en secano

Rainfed pistachio cultivation requires careful planning as well as optimal resource management. Normally, this type of agriculture must be monitored to ensure that the required amounts of water are available. On the other hand, it is a farming method that offers great benefits. For example, it can increase the quality of the fruit. It is

Consumo mundial del pistacho

World consumption of pistachios

Pistachios have been eaten for more than 300,000 years. It is a nut that originated in the Middle East and became part of the diet of the Neanderthals. This “Syrian nut“, as it came to be known in ancient times, has not only been a delicious delicacy over the centuries, but has also been used

Innovaciones en pistacho

Innovations in pistachio

Various technological advances and ongoing biological and genetic research are radically transforming pistachio plantations, allowing for the optimisation of multiple aspects of farming practices, such as water use, plant health, integrated pest control, project monitoring and decision making. These improvements translate into a considerable increase in crop productivity and profitability, in pistachio quality and in

Variedades del pistacho Pistachio varieties

Pistachio varieties

Selecting pistachio varieties is a strategic decision that directly influences the quality and quantity of production, as well as the profitability of the agricultural project. Each variety has different agronomic characteristics, with advantages and disadvantages that must be analysed together with the climatic conditions of the area, the technical aspects of the plantation management and

Estudios y labores previos a la plantacion del pistacho Pistachio pre-planting studies and work

To ensure the success of any agricultural project, it is essential to carry out preliminary studies to determine the technical and economic feasibility of the crop. Afterwards, if the feasibility is established and the profitability of the plantation is determined, it is also necessary to focus on the land in order to carry out work

Los saludables beneficios del pistacho Properties of the pistachio

Properties of the pistachio

The pistachio is a nut that over the millennia has given us its crunchy texture and slightly sweet taste. It is such a versatile fruit that, as well as delighting the palate, it is also capable of delighting the eyes and offering generous amounts of protein, vitamins and antioxidants. Nature gives it to us wrapped

Cultivo del pistacho en Espana Pistachio cultivation in Spain 

Pistachio cultivation in Spain 

As consumers increasingly turn to healthy alternatives and functional foods, the pistachio market continues to experience solid growth, both nationally and internationally. This nut is highly versatile and has enormous properties and nutrients, making it highly prized and currently in demand in a variety of sectors. As well as being consumed in its natural form,