In order to achieve our objectives, AGROPTIMUM's general management works taking into account the management models with the greatest impact worldwide. We also integrate quality and environmental management systems in accordance with the UNE-ISO 9001, UNE-ISO 14001 and EMAS standards.


In addition, we declare our commitment to the establishment and development of policies that integrate equal treatment and opportunities between women and men, without discriminating directly or indirectly on the basis of sex, and the implementation of measures to reconcile personal, family and work life of all people working in our organization, attracting and retaining the best talent.


Likewise, AGROPTIMUM GROUP is committed to minimize the environmental impact through continuous improvement actions of reduction, reuse and recycling throughout the life cycle of products and services, prevent pollution, promote the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable management of natural resources, complying with the objectives of the environmental management system.


AGROPTIMUM GROUP ensures strict compliance with the legal, normative and regulatory requirements that apply to its activity, as well as other more demanding requirements that the Company subscribes to:


-To ensure compliance with customer requirements as well as applicable regulatory requirements.

-To guarantee the supply of a quality product to the final customer.

-To guarantee and maintain the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

-To bet on a trained and qualified team with the necessary attitudes for the performance of the work.

-Establishment of a dynamic of continuous improvement of the processes carried out for the provision of the service/production.

-Efficient development of all its processes and activities.

-To make available to the personnel the necessary means for an adequate training that allows them to carry out the tasks with greater effectiveness and efficiency, as well as the convenient physical means for the best development of these tasks.

-To make the personnel aware of their job responsibilities.

-To involve the professionals that make up our company's work team in Quality management.


Through the different management schemes, their certification and due diligence, we guarantee the integration of economic, social, environmental and ethical aspects in all operations and strategies with the aim of maximizing the positive impact on stakeholders, promoting continuous improvement and innovation, compliance with legal requirements and the provision of the necessary resources to carry out our mission.

Management is also committed to transmitting this statement to all stakeholders, as well as its adequacy to the needs of the organization through the periodic review of the system.